2424.13 - Writing Legal Articles

Course number
Writing Legal Articles
Registered on master of law, or similar
To prepare the students to write an article for publication in a legal journal or periodical. The students shall either prepare for publishing a paper, which they already have submitted as course work, or write an original paper. The students shall adapt their article to the style and requirements of a particular legal publication and in a suitable manner organise style, citations, arguments and general outline thereafter.
Development and publication of legal article. The students develop a work for the purpose of making it part of the legal literature.
Learning and teaching approaches
The teaching is organised with teacher presentations as well as student presentations, where the students shall describe their plans and methods. Supervising teacher guides the students to opportunities and methods og improving a paper for publication.
Learning outcomes
The students must demonstrate: -Understanding the challenges in relevant area. -Understanding of the challenges in interpreting law. -Understanding to analyse legal materials. -Understanding of differing and relevant theories. -Skills to debate, communicate, organise knowledge of law. -Skills to write scholarly to describe and analyse the legal status of dogmatic subjects. -Skills to work with and create article intended for scholarly publications.
Assessment method
Internal examination Approved/not approved pending acceptance of article.
Marking scale
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