2453.18 - Torts

Course number
Bachelor degree or equivalent with adequate component of law
To provide insight into torts as an area of the law. Emphasis will be on basic rules and concepts.
The course goes through the rules for when someone else can be made liable for damages that occur to a person or his/her property. The course covers certains aspects of tort law such as the culpa rule, the liability of children, strict lability and similar forms of liability that applies in certain areas, the liability of employers for acts of their employees and the rules concerning causality..
Learning and teaching approaches
40 hours. The teaching will be mainly organised as lectures and exercises.
Learning outcomes
The students shall be able to: - Describe the main rules in torts. - Describe the culpa rule. - Describe strict liability and show examples where this applies. - Describe the rules concerning causality. - Demonstrate knowledge of, and consciouness about the fact that torts as an area of the law has been developed mostly by the courts rather than the legislature. - Analyse the solutions to concrete problems in a way that shows that the students has understood important questions within torts. - Communicate knowledge within torts in a clear way. - Explain the objective criteria for awarding damages. - Explain the importance of the culpa rule for torts. - Explain the most important tort rules in specific areas. - Analyse the purpose of torts. - Analyse select cases within torts. - Evaluate the importance of tort sin society.
Assessment method
Written submissions shall count for 1/4 of the mark, and a 4 hour written exam counts for 3/4.
Marking scale
Bo von Eyben & Helle Isager: Lærebog i erstatningsret, 8th Edition. The students will also read selected cases. The readings amount to approximately 700 pages.
Kristian Joensen