6102.22 - Social Security Law

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Social Security Law
Bachelor degree or equivalent with adequate component of law
To provide students insight into Faroese social security law, and to offer the students a systematic exposition of the social security legislation that relates to public support of the individual.
The course goes through legislation and practice that: - Regulates the right of citizens to income transfers that are meant to function as a safety net, as provided in the social security statute (forsorgarlógin). - Concerns or partially concerns the individual’s connection to the labor market and the income transfers they have a right to in relation to this based on the social security act (forsorgarlógin), the act on promoting work and the pension act. - Gives a right to compensation for lost income for people that can not work due to illness. This in particular regarding the sick pay act. - Objectively regulates income transfers for the purpose of sustaining a livelihood; e.g. familysupport, special children’s support and the system with prepayment (despite this system not being intended as a social security transfer). In addition the course covers other systems, the most important being: -The unemployment system (ALS) and the act on workers compensation insurance. Limitations: Social security legislation, albeit often succinct, is very comprehensive. That makes it necessary to limit the scope of the course. For this reason the following two important limitations have been made. 1) Other systems relating to the right to income transfer, especially work insurance (ALS) and the act on insurance for work injury compensation (arbeiðsskaðatryggingarlógin), will only be dealt with generelly where it affects other social transfer systems. 2) Social legislation covering services to disabled persons, assistive tools, child protective service etc. are not covered.
Learning and teaching approaches
36 hours. The teaching will be mainly organised as lectures and exercises.
Learning outcomes
The students should: - Show concrete and broad knowledge of important features of Faroese social security law, and sources of law. - Explain relevant interpretation methods and challenges. This is includes the extent Faroese social security law is similar to Danish social security law. - Analyse difficult challenges regarding social security law using knowledge of all relevant sources of law. - Analyse the development that can be seen or is expected within Faroese social security law. - Communicate this knowledge in an academically responsible and well organised manner.
Assessment method
Multiple choice counts for 25% and a 24 hour final take-home-exam counts for 75%. Only one collective grade is given, but the precondition for passing the course is that both exams are passed.
Marking scale
Jan Sjóstein: Materials amounting to 700 pages – available online on the Moodle network.
Bárður Larsen