8723.23 - Qualitative research methods in health science

Course number
Qualitative research methods in health science
Health science degree at bachelor level. Other relevant bachelor’s degrees.
The purpose of the course is for students to acquire insight into key concepts, methods, and theory of science approaches in qualitative research, acquire the ability to assess the quality of qualitative research, and the ability to carry out a qualitative study based on a health science research question selected by the student.
The course will focus on: - selected qualitative methods - selected theory of science approaches in qualitative research - the research process in qualitative research - ethical considerations in qualitative research and with special emphasis on challenges in small scale and transparent societies.
Learning and teaching approaches
Learning and teaching is organised as alternating lectures, dialogue, group assignments and self-study. Feedback on this course will be both oral and in writing, and both from teachers and peer to peer.
Learning outcomes
Upon completion of the course the students must demonstrate ability to: - demonstrate insight into a selection of qualitative methods and theory of science approaches - explain the linkages between theory of science approaches and qualitative methods - assess the quality of qualitative research based on recognised quality criteria - assess ethical challenges arising when researching in small transparent societies - carry out own qualitative studies based on a self-selected topic in health science
Assessment method
During the course students must complete and pass 3 required assignments before they can proceed to the final examination. For the examination students prepare a poster based on one of the required assignments and present the poster orally
Marking scale
Refer to the course plan
Anna Sofía Fjallheim