Board of Directors of UFI

The Board of Directors of the University of the Faroe Islands is made up of seven members. The Minister appoints four external members, university staff elect two and university students elect one. For each member a deputy member is also appointed. Board members are appointed for a four-year term, with the exception of the student representative, who is elected for one year at a time.

External members must hold a university degree or equivalent qualification. The composition of external Board members must ensure that among them they offer in-depth knowledge of and good insight into university education and research, as well as management experience from business or industry and administration.

The Board of Directors is the highest authority of the University of the Faroe Islands. The Board selects a chair and a vice chair among the external members appointed by the Minister. Deputy members join the Board, if full members are prevented from performing their duties.

Members of the Board 2021-2025

Ólavur Ellefsen, Chair, CEO at Nemlia,

Marita Rasmussen, CEO at The House of Industry

Anders Bjarklev, President DTU Denmark

Elaine Munthe, Dean University of Stavanger

Marin Strøm, Staff Member, PhD, Programme Leader of Public Health, Associate Professor in Health Sciences

Jónrit Halling, Staff Member, PhD, Programme Leader in Biology, Associate Professor in Molecular Life Sciences

Elberg Elias Klettheyggj, Student Member