Faculty of Science and Technology

In Faroese: Náttúruvísindadeildin a.k.a. NVD

About the Faculty of Science and Tecnology

Advances in modern society are to a large extent based on research and higher education in science and technology.

As part of the strategic development plans for the University of the Faroe Islands, the Faculty of Science and Technology aims to promote the development of specific fields in algorithms and mathematics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, data sciences, energy engineering, geophysics, geospatial engineering, marine microbial ecology, molecular biology, molecular life sciences, and oceanography.

Our cutting-edge research inspires innovative cross-disciplinary collaborations with a diverse range of partners and specialists across industry, commerce, private sectors, and in public bodies.

Large demand from the industry and increased attention from foundations have boosted the growth of external research funds including PhD projects in the Faculty of Science and Technology very recently.

Our research is organised in three research and education sections (Biology, Energy Engineering, and Software Engineering) and one research centre (Geospatial Centre of the Faroe Islands).

The Faculty of Science and Technology is located in Sjóvinnuhúsið at Vestara bryggja 15 in Tórshavn.

To the right you'll find links to the different bachelor's programmes at the Faculty of Science and Technology. Note that the information on these pages is not translated into English--other than the programme titles.

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