About Faroe University Press

Faroe University Press – Fróðskapur – was established in 2005. It publishes works from all scientific fields in the Faroe Islands. Publications are in Faroese, English and Danish. Faroe University Press continues the publishing tradition of The Faroese Society of Science and Letters in the period 1952-2005. Faroe University Press is the joint publishing company, owned by the University of the Faroe Islands and the Faroese Society of Science and Letters.

There are three series of publications:

  • Annales Societatis Scientiarum Faeroensis – Supplementa. This series consists of doctoral thesis and other peer reviewed publications – there are published 70 books in this series since 1952
  • Fróðskaparrit – annual review with articles in English mainly in the field of natural sciences, in Faroese or Danish in the field of humanities. 66 volumes have been printed since 1952. From volume 67 onwards the journal in online only.
  • Setursrit and Other publications – conference reports, festschrifts, Master theses and other scientific publications.

A list of all publications and free pdf versions of alle journal articles and most books are available at ojs.setur.fo

Please feel free to contact the director Annika Sølvará by email frodskapur@setur.fo or by phone +298 567803 if you have any queries concerning our publications, rights to illustrations or suggestions to new publications.

If you have an article for Fróðskaparrit, please contact the editors.

Book purchasing

For book purchasing, please contact bms@bms.fo or check their website: www.bms.fo