Public statement condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine

After consultation with the Chair of our Board, in dialogue with our partners in the Network of Universities of Small Countries and Territories, and in line with universities in our neighbouring Nordic countries and elsewhere, our University is issuing this public statement:

  • Welcoming and supporting the condemnation by the Faroese government of the aggression of the Russian armed forces in illegally invading Ukraine, a sovereign, independent nation;
  • Wholeheartedly expressing solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their resistance against the invasion;
  • Also expressing concern about the implications of the invasion for peace and security in Europe and the wider World.

We are pleased to issue the statement with the full support of the University's Student Council. Our statement is rooted in our understanding of the role of institutions of higher education, like our own, in educating global citizens with a commitment to peaceful co-existence and promotion of international understanding, co-operation and dialogue – and of course the right to pursue education and research in a peaceful context.

We call for an immediate end to the aggression of the Russian military, for respect for international law, and for the resolution of all conflicts through peaceful and diplomatic means.

University of the Faroe Islands