Kalpana Vijayavarathan
Ph.D., Assistant Professor in English
Faculty of Education
Telephone +298 299423
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Research interests
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teaching.

  • Classroom Management in ELT.

  • The role of culture and its impact on classroom teaching in EFL.

Present projects
  • PhD project in conjuction with The University of Århus. Title: “Teacher cognition of grade 8 teachers on teaching speaking in English as a foreign language in The Faroe Islands and its impact on teachers’ pedagogical praxis: seven case studies.”

  • M.Sc. Management- The Robert Gordon University (2000-03).

    Dissertation title- “A Change Management Model that could be adopted by the Faroe Islands Business School (FBS) to enable successful implementation of the changes planned by senior management.”

  • PG certificate in Higher Pedagogy-The Robert Gordon University (2006)

  • M.Phil in English -The University of Madras (1986-87)

    Dissertation title- “The Ebony Muse: Poets of the Harlem Renaissance.”

  • M.A. in English-Stella Maris College affiliated to the University of Madras (1984-86)

  • Certificate in Mass Communication and Journalism- University of Madurai (1986)

  • B.A. in English-Stella Maris College affiliated to the University of Madras (1981-84)

  • Currently, Asst. Professor of English Language Teaching in the Department of Education (NÁD) since Aug 2013.

  • Designed and taught the ELT course in 2011-2012 in the Department of Education.

  • Lecturer in English at The Faroe Islands Business School (Føroya Handilsskúli) since 1993-became a permanent staff member in 1996.

  • Member of the English Examination Board for Higher Secondary Education appointed by the Ministry of Education (MMR) from 1997-2013.

  • Member of the board of written examiners for English in Higher Secondary Schools appointed by MMR since 2008.

  • Cambridge examiner for Spoken English since 1993 appointed by Fróðskaparsetur Føroya in conjunction with the University of Cambridge.

  • Taught the Cambridge English Courses at the University from 1994-97.

  • Lecturer in English in Women’s Christian College in the period 1986-89.

  • The Foreign Language Journey. A Personal Path to Integration-presented under the auspices of NVL in October 2013 in Tórshavn, The Faroe Islands and to be presented modified in March 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.