Louise Meier Carlsen
PhD, Assistant Professor in the Didactic of Mathematics
Faculty of Science and Technology
Telephone +298 299436
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STEM subjects:

  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Foundation of Geometry,
  • Statistics and R-programming,
  • Linear Algebra,
  • Calculus courses,
  • Algebra

Teacher Education specific both primary and secondary level:

  • Didactics of Mathematics,
  • Numbers, Arithmetic and algebra
  • Projects in Didactics of Mathematics

University Pedagogy:

  • Feedback and assessment
  • Where is the mathematics (The SOLO taxonomy)
Research interests

My primary fields of research are:

  • The integration of technology in the teaching of mathematics such as task design, what happens to traditional school algebra when CAS is implemented, and how to support teachers.
  • The Anthropological Theory of the Didactics (ATD), in particular the development of ATD to include analysis of activities involving technology.
  • Teacher Education and how to strengthen mathematics teachers’ education, such as the transposition of research tools to teacher education, or the use of lesson study.
  • (Future) STEAM Education and the dialectic of mathematics and ST, or the lack thereof.
Description of teaching
  • Numbers, Arithemtic and Algebra.

  • Foundation of Geometry.

  • Introduction to Analysis .

  • Calculus 3.

Description of research
  • Investigation and development of mathematics teacher knowledge on the use of CAS in the teaching of school algebra : potentials and obstacles for novice and experienced teachers.

  • A more refined examination of different types of spontaneous orchestrations of CAS by teachers in lower secondary school, with a special focus on school algebra (abstracted arithmetic, equation solving, functions and function modelling).

  • Investigate new formats to enhance teachers’ autonomous work with such orchestrations, including tools to assess the impact of specific CAS use on student learning.

  • To identify potentials and obstacles for the idea that CAS-use might serve to introduce students to more advanced mathematical topics and working modes (such as modeling, and simple theoretical reasoning).


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Carlsen, L. M. (2015). Analysing student teachers' lesson plans: Mathematical and didactical organisations. In CERME 9-Ninth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education. Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education; ERME, Feb 2015, Prague, Czech Republic. (pp. 2949-2950). hal-01289663

Carlsen, M. L. (2016). A lesson study approach to develop instrumental orchestration for student teachers.  Achiam, M., & Winsløw, C. (Eds.). (2016). Educational Design in Math and Science: the Collective Aspect: Peer-reviewed Papers from a Doctoral Course at the University of Copenhagen. Achiam, M. & Winsløw, C. (red.). Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. IND’s skriftserie nr. 46. ISSN:1602-2149.

Carlsen, L. M. (2017). A study of the development of mathematics student teachers’ knowledge on the implementation of CAS in the teaching of mathematics-a praxeological analysis. Poster session presented at Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education, Dublin, Irland.

Carlsen, L. M. (2019). What algebraic knowledge may not be learned with CAS-a praxeological analysis of Faroese exam exercises. Educaçao Matemática Pesquissa , 85-99.

Carlsen, L. M. (2020). Teachers’ Practice and Knowledge on School Algebra with CAS. Doctoral dissertation, Department of Science Education, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen.

Personal data
  • Danish citizenship.

  • Born 3 August 1981 in Haslev, Denmark.

  • Married, two children (born August 2009 and August 2013).

  • Master in mathematics for The Univeristy of Copenhagen,
  • PhD in the Didactics of Mathematics, Univeristy of Copenhagen.
  • 2014 - Assistant Professor, University of the Faroe Islands
  • 2012 - 2013 Lecturer at The Norwegian Univeristy of Sience and Technology
  • 2007: Teaching assistance at The Faculty of Science and Information Technology at The University of Newcastle, Australia. 
  • Assessment and feedback at university level,
  • What can mathematics teachers learn from the cassroom and how?
  • Lesson study as a tool for developing knowledge and practice on teaching using GeoGebra.
  • Classrom examples of CAS based teaching from my research.
  • Teaching paradigms: Visiting monuments and questioning the world.
  • Language diversity in Mathematics Education.
  • Study and Research Paths integrated in mathematics education at high school level.  
Research grants
  • 212.760,00 DKK in 2014 by the Faroese Research Counsil.