Louise Meier Carlsen
assistant professor in the didactic of mathematics
Faculty of Science and Technology
Telephone +298 299436
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  • Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Statistics

  • Projects in the didactics of mathematics

  • Seminars and consulting of teaching math and science subjects from university to primary school.

Research interests
  • Computer Algebra Systems,

  • Lower secondary school

  • Algebra,

  • Mathematics teachers,

  • Mathematics teacher education,

  • Lesson Study

  • Task Design,

  • The Anthropological Theory of Didactics,

  • Instrumental Orchestration.

Description of teaching
  • Numbers, Arithemtic and Algebra.

  • Foundation of Geometry.

  • Introduction to Analysis .

  • Calculus 3.

Description of research
  • Investigation and development of mathematics teacher knowledge on the use of CAS in the teaching of school algebra : potentials and obstacles for novice and experienced teachers.

  • A more refined examination of different types of spontaneous orchestrations of CAS by teachers in lower secondary school, with a special focus on school algebra (abstracted arithmetic, equation solving, functions and function modelling).

  • Investigate new formats to enhance teachers’ autonomous work with such orchestrations, including tools to assess the impact of specific CAS use on student learning.

  • To identify potentials and obstacles for the idea that CAS-use might serve to introduce students to more advanced mathematical topics and working modes (such as modeling, and simple theoretical reasoning).



Analysing student teachers’ lesson plans : Mathematical and didactical organisations. / Carlsen, Louise Meier. Proceedings of the Ninth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education. red. / Konrad Krainer; Nadia Vondrová. 2015. s. 2949 - 2950.


Combining CAS based teaching with lesson study : A Theoretical paper. / Carlsen, Louise Meier. Mathematics and Science: The relationships and disconnections between research and education: Papers from a doctoral course at the University of Copenhagen. red. / Marianne Achiam; Carl Winsløw. Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015. s. 51- 60 (IND's Skriftserie, Vol. 39).

Personal data
  • Danish citizenship.

  • Born 3 August 1981 in Haslev, Denmark.

  • Married, two children (born August 2009 and August 2013).

  • Master in mathematics for The Univeristy of Copenhagen

  • Lecturer at The Norwegian Univeristy of Sience and Technology

  • 2007: Teaching assistance at The Faculty of Science and Information Technology at The University of Newcastle, Australia. 

  •  “Modern university teaching in mathematics and science subjects”, “An analysis of Faroese types algebra exercises”

Research grants
  • 212.760,00 DKK in 2014 by the Faroese Research Counsil.