Skriva út

At undirvísa í enskum

(Phd- verkætlan)

Kalpana Viyjavarathan, adjunktur, phd-lesandi á Fróðskaparsetri Føroya og Århus Universiteti

The dissertation proposes to research teacher cognition-beliefs and attitudes with regard to teaching speaking in English as a Foreign Language (ELF) in grade 8 in the Faroese Public school and its impact on teaching. By gaining insight into teacher cognition in the context of teaching the speaking skill, attempts can be made to see how this affects the teaching approach for this skill towards fulfilling the formal requirements. While research indicates that there is a gap between teacher cognition and fit for purpose teaching methods, little research has been conducted in teacher cognition in the teaching of speaking in EFL.

Using the case study approach, this qualitative study explores the cognition of 7 teachers in the local schools, and attempts to analyse what impact the way they think about teaching speaking has on their praxis. It aims to elicit either a concurrence or a mismatch between teachers’ beliefs about teaching speaking and their teaching praxis.