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The Preliminary Draft Schedule may be seen below, on this same web page.

16th Polar Law Symposium — Preliminary Draft Schedule 30/11/2022

Note: The following Draft Schedule is PROVISIONAL. Changes are likely to have to be made, so no one is to count upon the placement of sessions in the final schedule unless this has already been established by force majeur. The organizers have approved of too many submissions, so that the program is in fact overfull. If everyone appears, as we hope that they will, then the consequences of this crowding involve lengthening of conference days; expansion of parallel sessions; shortening of coffee breaks; compression of the excursion; shortening of some sessions beyond what was intended; shortening of discussion time; and the need for strict discipline to be maintained by session chairs and moderators (many of whom are TBA). In this draft, personal titles have been omitted and likewise the titles of the talks within the seminars and the workshop (there is only one). The titles of the talks and institutional identities  will be included in the final schedule; personal titles will be included on the List of Participants that is in the course of preparation. If you have had a submission approved but do not find it included in this schedule, please contact Jóhan Lamhauge <Jó> immediately. There may be errors of various kinds in the listed times for events.If you spot any, please report them to Jóhan Lamhauge immediately.

See preliminary schedule here

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