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Anna Sofía Fjallheim framløgu á altjóða ráðstevnu

Á altjóða ráðstevnu í Trondheimi 12. – 14. august hevði Anna Sofía Fjallheim, ph.d. lesandi á Sjúkrarøktarfrøðideildini, framløgu um triðju kanningina í sínari ph.d. ritgerð “Women´s experience with postnatal depression in a small-scale society”.

Heitið á fyrilestrinum hjá Annu Sofíu var: "Experiencing a postnatal depression in a small scale society". Framløgan var hildin á ráðstevnu, sum kallast International Human Science Research Conference og sum var nr. 34 í røðini.

Fyrireikararnir lýsa sjálvi evnið á ráðstevnuni soleiðis (á enskum):

The 34th International Human Science Research Conference focuses on culture and morality as the girders of the human experience. Culture and morality are the building bricks of every society and they saturate the subjective experience of every person.
From a psychological perspective the efforts to grasp, understand and explain culture and morality have changed from being perceived as something additional or acquired, to be seen as the main dynamics through which a person comes into existence. In addition, increased migration and communication technologies’ global invasion of the human mind provide possibilities for new experiences of the Self in interaction with different ways of living culture and morality. Thus, as our normative perspectives on the interaction between person and society and consequently the Self are challenged, we have to reconsider the possibilities to do meaningful research: A constantly increasing complexity of a dynamic reality requires a corresponding flexible methodology.

We invite you to consider what culture and morality mean to our understanding of the lived experience of humans in different contexts as well as whether and how a new understanding of lived experience challenges qualitative research methods. Contributions with topics that go beyond the official conference theme are also welcome.

Høvuðsfyrilesarar vóru:

  • Polycarp Ikuenobe (Nigeria/USA): "African Communalism, A Moral View of Selfhood, and Relational Autonomy"
  • Svend Brinkmann (Denmark): ”Experience, discourse and objects: Three dimensions of moral life”
  • Jean Watson (USA): “Human Caring - Caring Science: A Hopeful Paradigm for moral justice and humanity”