Deildin fyri Heilsu- og Sjúkrarøktarvísindi
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Ása Róin lagt fram fyrstu úrslitini um tað at eldast í Føroyum

Ása Róin, sjúkrarøktarfrøðingur, undirvísari á Sjúkrarøktarfrøðideildini og phd lesandi á National Institute on Studies of Ageing and Later Life, Svøriki, hevur luttikið á 11th Conference of the European Sociological Association í Torino, Italia og lagt fram fyrstu úrslitini av kvalitativari kanning um tað at eldast í Føroyum.

Tema fyri kongressina  var:
Crisis, Critique and Change

Framløgan hevði  heitið:
Ageing in the Faroe Islands: The meaning of pla

Meira  um kongressin er at lesa á: http://www.esa11thconference.eu/the-conference

Ageing in the Faroe Islands; the Meaning of Place

There has been a great amount of research on ageing related to place. Most studies have concentrated on either urban or rural regions but studies investigating both urban and rural ageing within the same national context are scarce. The Faroe Islands, being a small scale state with home rule and a total population of 48.350 people scattered around 17 islands, offers an interesting ground for studying the experience of ageing from the perspectives of a variety of older people living in diverse geographical settings within the same national frame.

The aim of this ongoing study is to explore how older people construct meaning of place and ageing in their daily living. It has been put forward that as the individual grows older there are characteristic changes of emphasis both within and among the modalities of experience. Social politics, especially proposals related to demographic changes e.g. age distribution, depopulation of outskirts regions, accessibility to services and the financial capacity to deal with a society ageing, seem to take their point of departure from a view on older people as a homogeneous group in homogenous communities with a homogenous set of lived experiences. The study is expected to contribute to a broader and more nuanced view on ageing and place.

Social constructionism forms the methodological frame of the study. Data consists of focus group discussions and in-depth interviews in different settings around the islands and will be analysed using a discourse analytic approach.