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Grein hjá Ólavi Christiansen um fátækradømi í Grønlandi

Í desember 2013 var ein forvitnislig grein hjá Ólavi Christiansen, ph.d., at lesa í tíðarritinum The Grounded Theory Review um fátækradømi í Grønlandi.

Búskaparfrøðingurin Ólavur Christiansen, ph.d., hevur skrivað greinina saman við Helen Scott og Svend Erik Sørensen um, hvussu grundað ástøði (grounded theory) kann brúkast í gransking av fátækradømi í Grønlandi.

Heitið á greinini er “A Partial Application of Classic Grounded Theory in a Study of Poverty in Greenland”, og var útgivin í altjóða tiðarritinum: The Grounded Theory Review (2013), Volume 12, Issue 2.

Enskur samandráttur av greinini:

“This paper describes a partial application of the classic grounded method in a research project tasked to surface an understanding of poverty, and offer policy recommendations for change, to the Government of Greenland.  The aim of analysis was to find the core category and related categories though analysis stopped short of conceptual completeness and conceptual integration. The theory explains that from the perspective of social sector administrators, there is a concern as to how to transition clients from a state of damaging dependence to a less dependent state. The administrators process this concern by engaging in proactive steering within a societal structure which is characterised by a lack of capacity and discontinuity, and in a context of overwhelm.  The theory developed was successfully applied to satisfy the objectives of the research project.”