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Spennandi norðurlendsk granskingarverkætlan – “My Culture, my roots”

Í sambandi við granskingarverkætlanina um lokalsamfelag og list hjá norðlendskum børnum og ungum, verður í hesum døgum vitjað í Føroyum. Talan eru um tær báðar Raija Pullinen og Tarja Karlsson-Häikiö.

Føroysku luttakararnir í granskingarverkætlanini “My Culture, my roots” eru Gunnvør Eyvindsdóttir Mohr, lærari í myndlist, saman við einum bólki av børnum úr Hoyvíkar skúla. Umframt Føroyar luttaka eisini Grønland, Ísland, Norra og Finnland.

Í sambandi við granskingarverkætlanina vitja Raija Pullinen og Tarja Karlsson-Häikiö  eisini Námsvísindadeildina á Fróðskaparsetrinum. Tarja hevur tvær ferður áður vitja námsvísindadeildina, har hon hevur verið gestalærari í sambandi við undirvísing í skapandi læru og í estetiskum lærutilgongdum.

Lýsing av granskingarverkætlanini:

Community art project "My culture, my roots"

My Culture, my roots is a community art project with Nordic children and young people. Participating countries are Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Finland.

The idea of this project comes from Finnish community and visual artist Raija Pullinen who is the leader of this project. Raija Pullinen has organized community art projects for years with f.ex. refuges, migrants, Roma and Sami kids and young people with mental problems. Raija Pullinen is finalizing her master's thesis of the cultural identity of Roma and Sami kids in Finland. Workshops  in this project are done together with Tarja Karlsson-Häikiö, who is a doctor of art education in Gothenburg University. Tarja Karlsson-Häikiö has specialized to Reggio Emilia method. Tarja Karlsson-Häikiö and Raija Pullinen will also write an article of this project later. Nordic and Finnish Culture Funds are financing the project.

Project started 14.3 2013 in Enontekiö Sami municipality in Finland and it continues in April in Faroe Islands and Iceland and after that in Norway and Greenland during Summer.

The theme for the whole project is the cultural identity. There is an idea to make the participants to think about the value of each countrys unique culture and get deeper understanding of their own roots and making them feel more connected to them. Knowing own cultural background in globalized world gives depth and perspective to individuals own life and it also gives respect to own culture and belonging into that. It can also strengthen participants self-confidence and that is what children and young people need in our contemporary world. The idea is also to give the  participants a possibility to create art individually and as a group.
In art workshops children and young people can use different kind of creative methods to represent the themes of the project. These methods can be painting, writing, taking photos or using some other creative method. Project and each countries culture are also documentated all the time by photographing by the participants and the authors. These photos will be part of exhibitions.

The idea is also to share cultural knowledge between the participating countries during project. There will be exhibitions in each country after the workshops. Other children and young people as well other audience will be invited to visit exhibitions and learn to know about the participating Nordic countries and share the thoughts of the cultural identity. There will be interactive art installations in which visitors can participate by writing or drawing of their own thoughts what culture means to them, to give comments of exhibition, etc.