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Stevna um globalan grønan vøkstur

Í døgunum 20. – 21. oktober 2014 luttók Lau Blaxekjær frá Søgu- og samfelagsdeildini á stevnuni ”Global Green Growth Forum (3GF)” í Keypmannahavn. Leiklutur hansara var at eyðgleiða 3GF og at hava samrøður við luttakarar um hetta fundarslagið, ið er á høgum stigi, sum ein nýggjan hátt at skapa samstarv ímillum eina breiða fjøld av aktørum, ið vanliga ikki samstarva.

Lau hevur sent okkum kunning um hetta á enskum:

These actors include global businesses and business associations, developed and developing states, cities, NGOs and research institutions, development and commercial banks, investment institutions like pension funds and philanthropic funds, and multilateral organisations. Since 2011, the 3GF has facilitated about 40 specific public private partnerships as well as shared best practices and knowledge about the transformation to the green economy, and it is now widely recognised as a global platform for effective high-level networking and a place that gets things done.

The 3GF is a Danish initiative with secretariat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it is an unusual global alliance of seven states that otherwise are not grouped together internationally – Denmark, South Korea, Mexico, China, Qatar, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Green growth is also a platform for Denmark to brand the country, cities, and businesses. But perhaps more importantly, it is a platform to brand a way of thinking and organising the necessary green transformation. From previous research, Lau has identified the main global networks of green growth actors, and from these webs of networks it is clear that Denmark is one of the most active and networked actors, making green growth a foreign policy success.
Lau’s observations and interviews are part of a research project on what green growth is and how it develops as new global governance practices dealing with sustainability and climate change issues.
More information about 3GF can be found at www.3gf.dk

3GF – The Global Green Growth Forum
The mission of the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) is to explore and demonstrate how better collaboration among leading businesses, investors, key public institutions and experts can effectively drive market penetration and realise the potential for long-term inclusive green growth.
Partnerships between public and private actors are the cornerstone of 3GF’s work as they are considered key enablers to accelerate the transition to an inclusive green economy. Such collaborations aim at developing and promoting solutions that shift behaviour in a significant way, i.e. changing the game or the rules across borders and sectors.