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Vísindalig grein í Marine Policy

Enn ein vísindalig grein givin út eftir EU-granskingarverkætlanini PRONE.

Greinin er í vísindaliga tíðarritinum Marine Policy. Granskingardepilin fyri Samfelagsmenning tók lut í PRONE verkætlanini saman við granskarum úr Íslandi, Finnlandi, Onglandi, Grikkalandi og Spaniu. 

Um greinina í Marine Policy:

Heitið: Trust in the fisheries scientific community 

Høvundar: Helen Glenn, Diana Tingley, Sonia Sánchez Maroño, Dennis Holm, Laurence Kell, Gurpreet Padda, Ingi Runar Edvardsson, Johann Asmundsson, Alexis Conides, Kostas Kapiris, Mintewab Bezabih, Premachandra Wattage and Sakari Kuikka 

Um greinina:
This paper explores the issue of "trust" in the fisheries science community, a key corollary of effective risk communication. It presents the findings of a survey undertaken in Iceland, Greece, Spain, United Kingdom and Faroe Islands during 2008. The findings reveal differing levels of trust and mistrust in the fisheries science community between countries and between stakeholder groups, demonstrating areas for future attention in the interests of improving fisheries science and management. As this paper explores, unfortunately the "trust" necessary for effective stakeholder cooperation and participation within current fisheries science is currently somewhat lacking. The cited reasons behind this lack of trust include: a lack of soundness, credibility, responsiveness, flexibility and stakeholder involvement, flawed data and weak science, poor communications and political and lobby group interference. Notable from the results is a lack of consensus on the existence of a common language and vision. It is evident, however, that certain aspects of fisheries science are strong contributors to trust and that there are opportunities for improvement.

Atgongd til fullan tekst her: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/0308597X/36/1