7333.11 - Principles of Assessment - Practical Pedagogy

Principles of Assessment - Practical Pedagogy
The objective of the course is to give students: • An understanding of the principles of assessment of and for learning. • An insight into practical pedagogy. • Teaching approaches to the four basic skills of the English language.
The course is structured as follows: • Classroom management-an introduction. • Teaching the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. • An introduction to assessment. • Assessment for and of learning. • Formative and Summative assessment.
Læru- og undirvísingarhættir
The teaching approach will be partially lecturer-centred and partially problem-based.
The student will design a classroom activity to demonstrate understanding of the teaching approach to two skills to be taught and provide a framework for assessment. Grading: The student will be graded using the grade scale available 0-13. The basis of evaluation comprises: • The ability of the student to write a comprehensive piece of work that exhibits the student’s comprehension of the theory underpinning the activity. • The skills of analysis and synthesis as evidenced in the written activity showing the application of theory to practice. • The structure, content, and language and style of the piece of work.