7332.11 - English Grammar and Language

English Grammar and Language
The objective of the course is to give students: • A formal knowledge of English Grammar. • An understanding of the concepts of both spoken and written English. • An insight into the essentials of Linguistics as a science. • An understanding of the different aspects of language.
The course is structured as follows: • An introduction to grammar. • Prescriptive and Descriptive Grammar. • Grammar and Usage. • Linguistics: definition and meaning. • An introduction to the components of linguistics. • Applied linguistics and language teaching.
Læru- og undirvísingarhættir
The teaching approach will be partially lecturer-centred and partially project-based.
The students will make pair/group presentations on given topics to illustrate that they have grasped the main tenets of the issues taught in the module. Grading: The student will be graded: passed or failed. The basis of evaluation comprises: • The ability of the student to present a comprehensive piece of work that exhibits the student’s comprehension of the given topic. • The skills of analysis and synthesis as evidenced in the presentation. • Body language, visual communication, and presentation skills. • Fluency and clarity of language and interactive communication skills.