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M.S.Sc. in West Nordic Studies

Governance and Sustainable Management

This Master’s programme aims to graduate candidates who understand and meet the complicated challenges that the West Nordic countries face, specifically in relation to climate change and sustainability. 

In 2018, the University of the Faroe Islands aims at enrolling one class consisting of up to 25 students for the Master’s programme in West Nordic Studies, Governance and Sustainable Management. We aim to attract Faroese, Nordic and International students for the programme. 

The programme aims to provide specific knowledge of the High North combined with abilities to manage and link present day issues and past developments to the major themes of the present debate on societal challenges.

It will offer a comparative perspective in meeting the urgent challenges the region is facing today including the social implications of climate change affecting scarce populations and micro-economies; long distances; limited working opportunities; gender issues in society and education; threats to indigenous culture and societal security; contested issues of identity and cultural heritage; geopolitics and the quest for natural resources; good governance and autonomy.

This new Master’s programme provides students with a unique opportunity to take part in shaping the West Nordic region of Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, and coastal Norway and offers students a chance for enhanced mobility within the region. The object is to increase knowledge of the common issues of the region and to heighten the level of education. 

The programme is a new international and interdisciplinary Master’s programme launched by the University of the Faroe Islands, University of Greenland, University of Akureyri in Iceland, University of Iceland and Nord University, coastal Norway. 

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Programme Director of West Nordic Studies

Hallbera West
Dir. Nr: +298 292603

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