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Basic Course in Epidemiology for PhD Students in Health Sciences

Centre of Health Research, University of the Faroe Islands & National Hospital of the Faroe Islands & The Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health

This course aims to provide students with knowledge and understanding of core principles of epidemiology up to a level that will enable them to critically read and evaluate epidemiological articles and results. The course covers topics constituting elementary epidemiology, including, but not limited to: Measures of occurrence; Measures of association; Study designs (ecological studies, cross-sectional studies, cohort studies, case control studies, Intervention/experimental studies); Precision and validity; Selection bias; Information bias; Confounding and effect modification; and Causation. The primary teaching approach is lectures with interactive elements, including tests that students need to pass to obtain course approval.


Gestaborðsstovan, National Hospital Faroe Islands, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands


Monday 4. September 2017, Tuesday 5. September 2017, Wednesday 6. September 2017 and Thursday 7. September 2017.

Teaching language



Four full days


For Ph.D. students. Others can apply but PhD students are prioritized

ECTS points


Applying to the course

  1. Application letter: Please state briefly your motivation for applying (maximum 1/2 A4 page)
  2. Your research project: Describe your current or planned research project (if you have one)(maximum ½ A4 page)
  3. Your CV: Please also attach a brief CV, including information on earlier courses in epidemiology and statistical methods (maximum 1 A4 page)

An e-mail with the attached 2-3 documents either as a word or pdf file (Application letter + Your research project + Your CV) should be sent by e-mail to Course Responsible Shahin Gaini to the following e-mail address:

Application deadline

5. May 2017

Further information about the course

Shahin Gaini, MD PhD Associate Professor (Course Responsible)
Medical Department, Infectious Diseases Division
National Hospital Faroe Islands, University of the Faroe Islands & University of Southern Denmark
Telephone: +298 277355 e-mail: Lsshaga(at)


It is recommended that students read an introductory epidemiology text prior to the
course, for example ‘A short introduction to epidemiology’, 2nd edition by Neil Pearce, Wellington: Centre for Public Health Research, 2005. ISBN 0-476-01236-8, which can be downloaded free from the web:

Course fee

5.000 DKK (2.500 DKK for course participants coming from other countries than the
Faroe Islands)

Course teachers

Sjúrður F. Olsen MD MSc(Epidemiol) DMSci PhD, and Marin Strøm MSc(PHSci)

About the teachers

As a former professor of epidemiology at The University of Aarhus, Sjúrður F. Olsen has taught epidemiology at many different levels and in different settings, and the present course has been designed to cover the core elements of epidemiology for PhD students within health sciences. He spent two years at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, where he received his basic training in epidemiology, and has vast experience from many fields and methods of epidemiology. He is currently Consultant and Centre Leader at The Department of Epidemiology Research, Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen, and affiliated with Harvard TH Chan school of Public Health
as adjunct professor. 
Marin Strøm is an epidemiologist and associate professor in Health Sciences
at The University of the Faroe Islands. She has vast experience from many different types of epidemiologic studies, is a dedicated analyst of epidemiologic data, and has great expertise in using registries for epidemiologic research.

About the teaching institution

The University of the Faroe Islands was established in 1962 under the name Academia Faeroensis. Initially, its focus was on Faroese language, history, culture, and geology, and it played a major role in establishing Faroese as a scientific and educational language. Today, the University has research and teaching in many different disciplines in close collaboration with several institutions in the Faroe Islands to ensure societal relevance and with universities abroad ensuring that international standards are met. This course is hosted by the part of the University’s Centre of Health Research located at the National Hospital of the Faroe Islands.