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R for statistics
- basic course in the statistical program R and RStudio

Course description

Course number 8914.19

Date Week 35 – 27. Aug to 29. Aug from 8.30-16.00


Title R for statistics - basic course in the statistical program R and RStudio.

Teaching language Faroese/Danish

Aim Introduction to the statistics program R and RStudio with the aim to become familiar with the basic structure and use of the programs doing standard statistical analyses and data visualization.

Content To read data into R, including loading data from other programs, e.g. Excel, and to write/export data. Learn to use R data structures to manipulate and explore data. To use R packages. To visualize data in R using plotting functions and investigate data distributions. To use basic statistical methods such as t-test and regression analyses in R to analyse data and understand the output of analyse. To enable students to explore more on their own.

Learning and teaching approaches Lectures and individual, supervised hands-on computer exercises with open-source R and RStudio.

Assessment method The assessment is based on the following elements:
- active participation in the course and 100% attendance
- multiple choice exam at the end of each day
- passed/not passed grading (internal)

Literature Will be provided before course start

Prerequisites The student must bring own PC, have downloaded RStudio and files provided. The student must have an understanding of basic statistical principles.

Learning outcomes As a result of this course, the student will be able to
- describe the basic structure of R/RStudio
- apply RStudio to input data, and to use tidy data for statistical analysis.
- produce and use R-code for statistics.
- produce tables, plots and reports,
- perform basic statistical analyses in Rstudio
- Interpret output from basic statistical analyses in Rstudio
- organize RStudio projects for reproducible research

Level PhD course but master students and others with similar education are also welcome. PhD students are prioritized.

Organizer Centre for Health Sciences, University of the Faroe Islands; Course responsible Maria Skaalum Petersen, MSc, PhD

Instructors Kasper Kyhl, MD, PhD and Ólavur Mortensen, MSc, PhD student

Contact Maria Skaalum Petersen, PhD,
Email:; Mobile: +298 216695

Course fee 3000 kr. - coffee is included in the price.

Applying to the course: An e-mail with your CV either as a word or pdf file should be sent by e-mail to Course Responsible Maria Skaalum Petersen to the following e-mail address:

 Application form: Here

Application dead-line 1. Aug 2019