1024.20 - Foundation Course in Faroese

Course number
Foundation Course in Faroese
Students must be enrolled on the BA programme in Faroese Language and Literature or on a programme with Faroese as a minor subject.
The course equips students with knowledge about the concepts, terminology and research methods that underpin academic approaches to Faroese language, literature and folklore. Furthermore, this foundation course prepares students for active student life and affords an opportunity to demonstrate readiness to embark on structured academic study.
The course will consist in teaching Faroese linguistics and literature, as well as Faroese folklore and ethnology with a focus on basic concepts, terminology and methods. This is a two-week course and is a component of all modules, both linguistic and literary, in the first year of BA programmes and is included in the ECTS credits awarded for completing these modules. Debates and active participation will allow students to demonstrate their readiness and ability to embark on structured academic work.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, presentations, group work and field visits.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course can demonstrate ability to: • describe what it means and what it takes to study Faroese at an academic level • explain basic concepts and methods in linguistics and literary studies • explain what characterises social anthropology as an academic discipline
Assessment method
90% participation and a written submission of 300-400 words reflecting on the programme, why the student has chosen it and what the student would like to gain from their studies. Re-examination: written 2-hour examination. Passing the foundation course is a condition for continuing on the programme.
Marking scale
Zakaris Svabo Hansen