The Centre for Language Technology carries out research and development of Faroese language technology.

Language technology is an interdisciplinary field. The department is located in the Department of Language and Literature and operates in close collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology.

Currently, the department employs one researcher and one project assistant, in addition to an affiliated assistant professor.

The Centre for Language Technology develops and maintains a language technology infrastructure with data and resources. The resources are concurrently updated and openly accessible for various language technology purposes. The aim is to support and be a catalyst for the development of language technology in Faroese.

At the centre, we investigate which methods and approaches yield the best results with regard to the linguistic settings in the Faroe Islands. We work on developing small language tools that can assist language users.

The upcoming project, Faroese Megaword Corpus (FMC) aims to develop a large and diverse text corpus. The corpus will be a cornerstone in the data infrastructure at the Centre and will benefit many projects, as well as future work on various language technology solutions. The project is a collaboration with the Arnamagnean Institute in Iceland and is funded by Nordplus. In addition to this project, research is being conducted on machine translation and sentiment analysis, and in the coming time, a Ph.D. project in evaluation of language technology will commence.

The Centre for Language Technology collaborates with institutions and companies in the Faroe Islands and abroad.

All work at the department is based on a vision of transparency and accessability in data, development, and research.

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