Financial Support for Foreign Students

Travel Scholarships

Travel Scholarships are available on the University budget for 2017.

Grants will be given to assist with travelling expenses in amounts as follows:  DKK 3,000 to applicants from Denmark, Iceland and Great Britain, DKK 4,000 to applicants from Norway, Sweden and Finland, and DKK 5,000 to applicants from other countries.  Student groups will receive smaller amounts per person than above mentioned.

The scholarships will be awarded to non-Faroese students pursuing higher education, to research students (Ph.D.), and other visiting students (e.g. Faroese Summer Institute participants).

The journey must be part of the applicant’s studies or research work, related to Faroese matters.  The application must include a confirmation of a visiting agreement with the University of the Faroe Islands or cooperating institutes, in addition to confirmation from the home university that the travel is part of the applicant’s educational programme.  If there are more qualified applications than grants available, the University will prioritize those applications that have the best project description.

The scholarship will be available upon arrival in the Faroe Islands.

Application deadline is 1 May 2017. Incomplete applications or applications received later than 1 May will not be accepted.

Application form can be downloaded HERE and it must be submitted to the address given below or by email (with a scanned signature) to setur(at)

(University of the Faroe Islands)
J.C. Svabos gøta 14
P.O. Box 272
FO-110 Tórshavn
The Faroe Islands