Research, learning and teaching are at the core of all activity at the University of the Faroe Islands. The purpose of the University of the Faroe Islands, as established by parliamentary act, is to carry out research, facilitate learning and provide teaching at the highest level, as well as disseminate knowledge about scientific findings and methods. The University carries out these tasks in selected areas of research and academic disciplines. The purpose of the University’s research is to enhance scientific and academic standards at the University and in Faroese society at large.

In addition, the University of the Faroe Islands is required to offer any qualifications and examinations stipulated by the Faroese Parliament.

The University of the Faroe Islands organises its own activities within the framework laid down by the 2008 Faroese Parliamentary Act on the University of the Faroe Islands with subsequent amendments. The work carried out by the University reflects the interests of Faroese society, and the University always welcomes suggestions from both the authorities and private industry.