The overall focus for the West Nordic Studies programme is governance and sustainable management in the West Nordic countries that are situated in the Arctic region, which is undergoing great changes. The program offered at the University of the Faroe Islands has two main overall themes. The program offers courses that cover topics like environmental changes and issues related to sustainability, but also challenges related to the control and steering of the region. This means that program courses also cover topics like different governance and political institution issues. In addition to this, it is possible for students to design a more individual profile for elective courses, practice learning and their master thesis.

The content of the programme at the University of the Faroe Islands is made up of 1) core courses, 2) elective courses, 3) project work, 4) practice learning work placement, and 5) the Master’s thesis. Each course, the project work, and practice learning work placement will have their own course descriptions available on the university webpage. Course descriptions will describe title, aim, content, learning and teaching approaches, assessment method, learning outcomes, prerequisites, bibliography, examination (e.g. internal or external), marking scale, and level (e.g. master or bachelor).

More information and further details can be found in the Curriculum.