The Student Affairs Centre

The Student Affairs Centre is in charge of information, guidance, administrative, and academic tasks especially related to the studies of coming, current, and former students and must, alongside other administrative units, work towards a more effective level of service for students, staff, and guests at the University of the Faroe Islands.

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The Student Council at the University of the Faroe Islands

The Student Council and the Rector, September 2021. From the left: Secretary Regin Olsen (NVD), Dagný Hammer Matras (NÁD), Treasurer Elberg Elias Klettheyggj SSD), Paul Kjartan Matras (SSD), Rector Chik Collins, Chair Sonni Oddbjørn Johnsson (NÁD) - Deputy chair Torkil Janusarson Thomsen (NVD), Brandur Arnoarson (NVD), SoMe Magnus Heinason Eysturoy (SSD), (Not present): Brynhild Nolsøe í Lágabø (DHS) and Guðrun Jonsdóttir (NÁD)

The Student Council is the representative body for students at the University of the Faroe Islands. In Faroese the council is called Ráð teirra Lesandi (RTL).

The Council is made up of elective representatives from each of the faculties at the University and their role is to represent students` interests in relation to their studies and the student environment.



Read the Regulations for the Student Council at the University of the Faroe Islands HERE.

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The Student Handbook

Download the Student Handbook 2018-2019 HERE.

Download the Student Handbook in Faroese (Lestrarhandbókin 2021) HERE.