Master’s programme in West Nordic Studies

Governance and Sustainable Management

In 2019, the University of the Faroe Islands aims at enrolling one class consisting of up to 25 students for the Master’s programme in West Nordic Studies, Governance and Sustainable Management. Applicants are prioritised as follows:

•    12 Faroese students *
•      5 Nordic students
•      8 International students.

In case there are too few qualified applicants in one or more categories, the University will strive to compose the class according to a 4 : 1 : 2 relationship and based on an evaluation of qualifications.

Application Deadlines

International applicants - application deadline 1 February 2019

Faroese and Nordic applicants - application deadline 1 May 2019

For more details about applications, please click the links to the right.

* A Faroese applicant or student is defined as a Danish national citizen who has permanent address in the Faroe Islands, Denmark, or Greenland; or who is entitled to receive the Faroese travel grant; or who is eligible to vote for the Faroese Parliament. In special cases, the study board may consider someone who is not a Danish national citizen, but who has a special connection ”special relationship” to the Faroe Islands, to be.