1235.17 - Phonetics and Morphology

Course number
Phonetics and Morphology
An academically oriented upper secondary diploma with a good average mark in Faroese (i.e. at least 5.8 on the 7-step marking scale or 8 on the marking scale from 00 to 13).
To provide students with insight into Faroese phonetics, phonology and morphology, enabling them to use Faroese phonetic notation, and familiarising them with the phonetic system and Faroese word formation.
In phonetics and phonology students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about the subject, focusing especially on the Faroese language. In morphology the course examines general word formation and Faroese word formation in particular. This means that students work with inflections, derivatives, compounds and morphophonemic shifts. Take-home assignments are part of the course and students will have set deadlines for submission.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course is structured as two-hour weekly sessions over one semester. The main learning and teaching strategies used are lectures, student presentations, group work, exercises (due for submission at fixed times) and independent study.
Learning outcomes
Successful students, who have passed the course in Faroese Phonetics and Morphology as part of the BA degree programme in Faroese, will have acquired knowledge about phonetics, phonology and morphology in general. Based on this knowledge, successful students can demonstrate ability to: • use the terminology specific to phonetics, phonology and morphology • use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to transcribe spoken Faroese language phonetically • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the principles underpinning the Faroese phonetic system • work with Faroese word formation (derivatives, compounds and inflections) and understand Faroese phonetic inflection. • demonstrate basic insight into linguistic methods. • discuss questions in linguistics drawing on appropriate linguistic concepts and theories.
Assessment method
4-hour written open book examination.
Marking scale
Petersen, H. P. 2014. Føroysk mállæra I. Kyn, orðmyndan og bending. Málseta. A selection of articles uploaded to Moodle (study platform). Introduction to linguistics. This is a handout, which will be distributed to students.
Hjalmar Páll Petersen