2016.16 - Modern Faroese History

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Modern Faroese History
Students are required to hold an upper secondary education diploma or equivalent qualification.
To afford students basic insight into Faroese history from 1500 AD onwards. The course will focus on political history and provide an overview of key research available in the area. The aim is also to provide students with basic skills in assessing the quality of selected works and historical sources. This course is also aimed at persons with a general interest in Faroese history.
The course provides students with a foundation in Faroese political history from 1500 AD onwards, as well as in key literature on the topic. The course will examine selected works on modern Faroese history and Faroese history will be discussed in the greater pan European context.
Learning and teaching approaches
The duration of the course is approximately 30 hours. Learning and teaching strategies include lectures, exercises and debates. At the beginning of the course, students select a topic on which they prepare a presentation for the rest of the class.
Learning outcomes
Successful students can demonstrate ability to: • identify connections between phenomena in modern Faroese political history • assess selected works/views on modern Faroese political history • assess different sources on a clearly defined topic in modern Faroese political history • understand how modern Faroese history is linked to broader world history • independently present and examine a specific topic in Faroese political history
Assessment method
Internal oral examination assessed using the marking scale in force. Preparing and giving a presentation to the class (please refer to the Learning and teaching approaches) is a prerequisite for taking the examination.
Marking scale
Approximately 1000 pages, around 100 of these will be made up of historical sources.
Hans Andrias Sølvará