3115.19 - Introductory Programming in Matlab

Course number
Introductory Programming in Matlab
High school, with A-level in matematics and knowledge of algebra
The use of computers for technical/mathematical computations and simulations is central for many areas, and it is therefore necessary to have a working knowledge of computer programming. In the course students will learn about basic concepts and techniques common to all programming languages, as well as how to write programs in Matlab, with a focus on computations with technical/engineering applications. The participants will be able to design and develop well-structured smaller programs, test the design and program, read various data formats, and visualize the results graphically.
Databar exercises in the first weeks of the semester. The exercises teach general programming concepts. They also give guidelines for good programming habits and techniques as well as adequate use of comments in code. The exercises create a framework for a programming project. As a part of the project, the participants will be introduced to basic templates for documentation and report writing within the field of programming.
Learning and teaching approaches
Exercises and project work in databar. Introductory lectures.
Learning outcomes
A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to: - Explain basic programming concepts - Design and implement programs to solve simple computable engineering problems - Use Matlab's user interface - Import data in different formats - Use variables of different types and perform basic computations - Organize code using scripts and functions - Write well-structured, commented, and readable code - Use functions from existing toolboxes and libraries - Graphically visualize data and information - Write a technical report
Assessment method
Evaluation of final project report. Mandatory hand-ins must be accepted prior to the examination. The report is written individually during the programming project in the last section of the course, but the programming can be done in groups of up to three members
Marking scale
Stormy Attaway, Matlab: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving. 3 edition. Elsevier, 2013 (or newer)