3165.21 - Electrical Machines

Course number
Electrical Machines
Circuit Theory or Marine Engineer certificate.
To provide the students with fundamental understanding of electrical machines used in modern society today. This includes an understanding of electromagnetics and electromechanics as applied to stationary and rotating devices.
Calculations, physical description and control of electrical machines. The topics covered include magnetic circuits, torques and forces derived from magnetic energy and coenergy, transformers, per-unit system, induction machines, brushed DC machines, permanent magnet and wound field synchronous machines, introductory d and q theory, V-curves, capability diagrams and brushless DC machines (BLDC). Experimental investigation of a selection of the above mentioned electrical machines.
Learning and teaching approaches
Blended learning, lectures, group work, problem solving and laboratory projects with reports.
Learning outcomes
After the course the student shall be able to: - Describe the functionality of electrical machines in general. - Describe the construction of electrical machines. - Analyse magnetic circuits. - Derive and calculate forces and torques in electrical machines based on electromagnetic and mechanical principles. - Analyse electrical machines during steady state. - Analyse electrical machines during simple cases of transient operation. - Analyse equivalent circuit diagrams of electrical machines using the per-unit system. - Carry out experimental tests and measurements on electrical machines. - Use experimental measurement data to identify equivalent circuit parameters of electrical machines. - Explain operational characteristics of electrical machines. - Work effectively as part of a team. - Plan and manage projects taking resource constraints into account.
Assessment method
- Written laboratory reports. - Written closed book test in the middle of the course. The written test is in English. - End-of-course written exam. - Reports and midterm test has to be approved before the student can attend the written exam.
Marking scale
Textbook: Fitzgerald & Kingsley’s Electric Machinery, 7th Edition, Stephen D. Umans, 2014, McGraw Hill. Other material: lecture notes, lecture slides and videos.
Bogi Bech Jensen