5037.20 - Introductory programming with Python.

Course number
Introductory programming with Python.
The course: Introduction to computer science (7.5 ECTS).
To introduce programming and learn to code simple programs with Python based on procedural programming.
Programming fundamentals. Sequences, iteration, and selection as a basis for the construction of algorithms. Datatypes and operators. You will use subprograms, functions, and libraries in Python for program structuring and the re-usability of code: - syntax and semantics, - simple datatypes and built-in operators in Python, - variables, - sequences, selection, and iteration, - program structure, flowchart, and pseudocode, - functions, - use of library functions, - classes and objects in standard library used for input/output streams of data, - use simple search and ordering algorithms, - use version management and handle a few simple git commands.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, exercises, and home assignments.
Learning outcomes
By the end of the course, the student should be able to: - write simple Python programs based on procedural programming - write simple algorithms - use built-in facilities in Python for iteration and selection - use built-in data types and augmented assignments in simple algorithms - define reusable program code and implement this as functions - use parameters and return values to transfer data between different program entities - create and interpret pseudocode and implement the corresponding program code - define and write simple algorithms for search and ordering, which have corresponding functionality as methods in the standard library - use various input/output streams for loading and outputting of data - use distributed version management and a few simple git commands to store, submit and/or update code and assignments.
Assessment method
Four mandatory exercises in the course’s first half (approved/not approved), and then a bigger (group) project. All exercises and project need to be submitted by appointed times. Oral exam that is based on the project as well as theoretical questions. Please note: the four exercises must be approved in order to be enrolled for the exam.
Marking scale
Deitel, P., Deitel, H.: Intro to Python for Computer Science and Data Science: Learning to Program with AI, Big Data and The Cloud. Paperback: 880 pages. Publisher: Pearson (15 Feb. 2019). Language: English. ISBN-10: 0135404673 ISBN-13: 978-0135404676 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Introduction-Python-Computer-Data-Sciences/dp/0135404673/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2NG9LMY3AQLTC&dchild=1&keywords=intro+to+python+for+computer+science+and+data+science&qid=1589217677&sprefix=intro+to+python%2Caps%2C179&sr=8-1
Hannes Gislason