5040.21 - Object Oriented Programming with Java 2

Course number
Object Oriented Programming with Java 2
Passed: - 5010.16 Introduction to Computer Science - 5037.20 Introductory programming with Python. Recommended to have followed & passed: - 5016.20 Computer Networks and Data Communication - 5039.21 Object Oriented Programming with Java 1
To explore more complex Object Oriented subjects and programming: GUI development with Java. Generics, classes, methods and custom data structures. Concurrency, with threads and networking and network communications. Focus is on utilizing OO capabilities in solving modern computer challenges, presented in building modern user-interacting applications.
- Component-based graphical user interfaces - Event-driven programming - Common data structures - Concurrency, threads and thread synchronization - Networking and network IO. - IO management and streams
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, assignment-work, as well as self studies and group work. Also, there are 4-5 mandatory assignments, which must all be passed, to be eligible for the examination.
Learning outcomes
After course completion, the student should be able to: - create and design graphical user interfaces with the support of event-driven programming in Java, - create and design a fully functioning GUI application with both file and network IO, - design, create and utilize classes, methods and interfaces for specific purposes, - design, create and utilize generic classes and methods for specific purposes, - design, create and utilize generic data structures for specific purposes, - utilize networking and networking communication and IO. - utilize concurrency, including design, create and utilize threads and thread control for specific purposes. - use file management for both text and binary content.
Assessment method
Oral exam (30 min including evaluation) without preparation time. Exam questions are not know in advance. The mandatory assignments, must be passed, to be eligible for the examination and reexamination.
Marking scale
Deitel & Deitel Java How to Program, Early Objects, Global Edition, Eleventh Edition, ISBN-10: 9781292223858; ISBN-13: 978-1292223858 Possibly supplemental material.
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