6307.21 - Methodology and Methods

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Methodology and Methods
Bachelor in History, Social Science, Politics and Administration or equivalent qualifications.
The purpose of the course is to provide students with insights into different methodology approaches, knowledge about demands for research designs, and how different methods are used in a research context.
Content The course emphasizes knowledge about methodology and competences to develop an appropriate research design to a specific research question, including an appropriate selection of methodological tools. In the methodology part emphasis is on approaches that have different ontological and epistemological starting points. In addition, the course includes a focus on historiography and source criticism. For the focus on research design emphasis is on among other things the ability to identify units of analysis and how to adhere to different methodological concepts and requirements. In addition, the course provides a focus on a wide application of methodological tools, like for instance ethnography, interviews, rules for history writing, discourse analysis, comparative methods, the reflexive approach, and the survey instrument.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course will be based on a combination of lectures, seminars, and group work.
Learning outcomes
Upon completion of the course, the student shall be able to: • Explain and reflect on different methodological approaches • Identify strengths and limitations related to the use of different methods • Develop an appropriate research design related to a specific research question • Critically evaluate the developed research design and choice of scientific approach
Assessment method
Written individual assignment of 4,000 words
Marking scale
About 1,000 pages. Literature overview is on moodle.
Hallbera Fríða West