2476.16 - Advanced Methodology in Master Learning

Course number
Advanced Methodology in Master Learning
Methodology in Master learning (module 1) and 25 ECTS in Master learning or equivalent.
The purpose of Advanced methodology is to support the students in developing their methodological skills and approach in preparation for their master’s thesis within the Master learning framework.
Knowledge about:  Identifying and selecting relevant literature for conceptualizing a methodological approach.  The use of problem driven, reflexive and contextual practice in academic research.  Methodological implications of a problem field, a research question and problem based work.  The role of the researcher and research ethics in the research process.
Learning and teaching approaches
The course will be based on thematic seminars and individual tutoring. Participants will critically reflect upon, discuss and present their results.
Learning outcomes
 Assess problematics within a chosen theme and their analytical perspectives.  To critically reflect onto-epistomological dimensions of knowledge production related to a chosen thematic.  To consider possible ethical implications of knowledge production.  Skills to synthesize theoretical approaches that help to identify problems and types of problem within a chosen theme. Competences to understand the analysis of a chosen thematic as reflexive, contextual and problem driven practice.
Assessment method
Written individual synopsis.
Marking scale
Bibliography is created individually. Indicative number of pages is 300.