2166.20 - Master Learning project

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Master Learning project
Bachelor in History, Social Science, Politics and Administration or equivalent qualifications within the social sciences.
The purpose of the Master learning project is that students study an issue of relevance to Faroese society (past and/or present) employing a problem-oriented approach.
• Practical and relevant issues within key areas of society. • Analysing societal issues with the use of academic methods. • Focused theoretical perspectives to get a better understanding of phenomena of importance to Faroese society (past and/or present). The organization and craft of doing problem-oriented analysis in collaboration with other students, researchers, and possibly other stakeholders.
Learning and teaching approaches
The Master-learning project is based on problem-oriented project work carried out in groups. In certain circumstances, individual project work can be permitted. At the beginning of the semester, discussions will be organised on several project topics and the students select one to work on. On this basis, groups are formed. Once groups have been formed, the project work process will be facilitated through presentations, seminar discussions and peer feedback sessions as well as supervision from affiliated scholars throughout the semester. As part of the project work process, the students/groups will give two presentations about the project, including accompanied project reports of approx. six pages each.
Learning outcomes
Upon completion of the course, the student shall be able to: • Identify and formulate topical problems from a scientific/academic perspective. • Analyse an important problematic using relevant theoy and concepts. • Identify and discuss practical implications revealed by the analysis. • Discuss scientific issues with scholars and involved stakeholders. Report scientific issues in an academic text.
Assessment method
As a prerequisite for the final examination, the students must pass two oral presentations, which includes an accompanied project report. The final examination is a project paper with oral defence.
Marking scale
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Erika Anne Hayfield