1481.21 - Sociophonetic Fieldwork (MA)

Course number
Sociophonetic Fieldwork (MA)
Students must have completed a BA in Faroese or hold an equivalent qualification. Admission may also be granted under alternative prerequisites. (refer to the programme description in force).
The purpose of this course is to afford students insight into the branch of research termed Sociophonetics, and the ability to work critically with this subject. Students will gain insight into theories and research in the area, the ability to discuss and assess sociophonetic concepts, as well as practical skills in the methods, analyses and technologies applied in sociophonetic research.
Sociophonetics touches on aspects of classic sociolinguistics and merges these with phonetic analysis. The course content is divided in two: One section will focus on theory and insight into phonetic and sociolinguistic methods, as well as knowledge about research in the field. The other section will encompass actual fieldwork and practical experience: collecting own linguistic material, applying technology to process that material, and then analysing the material. Students will learn to process and independently analyse own materials using appropriate software. Through the work on the course, students will also acquire direct knowledge about the sounds in spoken Faroese and how to work meticulously with these. Students will also receive information about research ethics and about carrying out fieldwork in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
Learning and teaching approaches
Lectures, student presentations, group work, fieldwork.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course can demonstrate ability to: - discuss sociophonetic theories and critically assess research in sociophonetics - prepare and execute fieldwork and independently assess the fieldwork and methods - describe spoken language through orthographic transcription and phonetic transcription using specific transcription conventions - categorise speech phonetically using specific methods - analyse spoken language by processing and assessing pronunciation using specific methods and conventions - substantiate and assess the analytical methods applied - process and independently analyse own collected material and assess the methods used for the analysis - write about the topic applying academic and subject-specific conventions.
Assessment method
Take-home assignment (two weeks) on a set topic.
Marking scale
Kendall T. & Friedland V. (2021) Sociophonetics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 987-1-316-62803-4 Petersen, H. P. (2021) Føroysk mállæra 3: Ljóðlæra. Tórshavn: Nám An expanded bibliography will be circulated at the beginning of the course. In addition to these two textbooks, individual chapters from other textbooks will be read, as well as academic articles, fieldwork guides and other texts. These will be handed out to students.
Zakaris Svabo Hansen