1418.15 - Childrens Literature (MA)

Course number
Childrens Literature (MA)
BA in Faroese or the equivalent preconditions. It is also possible to complete the course as a separate course (see valid curriculum).
To aqquire knowledge of the history and background of Faroese childrens literature; in addition to insight in the research field of children’s literature. To aqquire skills required for critical ananlyses of children’s literature. After completing this course, you should be able to understand academic literature about the subject and be able to apply relevant terms and concepts in analyses of children’s literature subjects and texts.
The emphasis will be on children’s literature in general and specifically about Faroese children’s literature, both historically and in it’s present state. Your studies will include historical and theoretical angles on children’s books in general as well at the specifics of the Faroese situation.
Learning and teaching approaches
Tutoring takes place 3 hours every veek for one term. Lessons include lectures and presentations by tutor and students and some group tasks.
Learning outcomes
After completing this course, you should be able to: Describe the general concept of children’s literature. Describe Faroese history of children’s literature in a theoretical and historical context. Use apropriate academic language for your subject Describe the position of children’s literature in the general body of literature from a historical and contemporary position. Express yourself on subjects within the field of children’s literature. Work independently and hold deadlines. Search for relevant material and sources on you subject and be able to discuss it.
Assessment method
Free topic 20-25 pages.
“Nýggj leiti. Seks greinar um føroyskar barnabøkur 2003-2009. Sprotin 2013. Sigurðardóttir, Turið. 2004. “Robinson Kruso á føroyskum: Mentan og politikkur”. Bókmentasøgur. Føroya Fróðskaparfelag: 32-71. Er á www.setur.fo Sigurðardóttir, Turið 2015. Føroyskar barnabókmentir. Sprotin.
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