8731.23 - The professional relationship

Course number
The professional relationship
Health science degree at bachelor level. Other relevant bachelor degree.
For students to acquire science-based knowledge about and skills in analysing and assessing key factors that influence professional relationships. For students to acquire the ability to apply this knowledge in their own work.
This course focuses on: • Relationships as a pillar of work –what is a relationship in a professional context? • Opportunities and obstacles to create and maintain professional relationships • Working conditions and frameworks, which are significant to professional relational work • Supervision as a tool • Emotional demands, compassion fatigue and burn-out in relational work
Learning and teaching approaches
Teaching is arranged as alternating lectures, discussions, group assignments, exercises, presentations and self-study. Students will be required to complete one take-home assignment. Students will receive written feedback for their take-home assignment and oral feedback after their exam presentation.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the course can demonstrate ability to: • Analyse the concept of the relationship in a professional context • Reflect on opportunities for and obstacles to professional relationships in the context of their own work • Explain the emotional demands of relational work • Communicate the analysis of a scientific article and reflect on its applicability to their own work context
Assessment method
Oral presentation. Active participation and 1 required take-home assignment, which students must pass, are conditions for exam enrolment.
Marking scale
Refer to the course plan.
Annika Helgadóttir Davidsen