8729.23 - Research Methods in Public Health and Health Sciences

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Research Methods in Public Health and Health Sciences
A bachelor level degree in Health Science or other relevant bachelor degree, including professional bachelor degrees (e.g. nursing, social education, primary and secondary teaching, social work, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social science or medical technology). Each application will be assessed on an individual basis. Foundation course in theory of science and research methods at master level or equivalent.
The purpose of this course is for students to acquire science-based knowledge about Faroese research within health sciences and to develop capabilities to assess national and international health research. Students will be taught about different types of health research projects, how these are planned and organised, ethical considerations in conjunction with health research, and students will learn how to apply statistical and qualitative analysis to work with data material and reach conclusions.
This course will focus on: - Quantitative methods, including statistics and epidemiology - Qualitative methods and theoretical foundations - Cohort studies and intervention studies - Faroese disease phenomena - Environmental and hereditary influences on health
Learning and teaching approaches
Teaching and learning are organised as alternating lectures, group assignments, presentations and self-study. Feedback on this course will be provided both orally and in writing, and both from lecturers and fellow students.
Learning outcomes
Students who successfully complete the module shall be able to: - Explain health research in relation to type of research, scientific method, research design and the theory underpinning these. - Explain research within health sciences in the Faroe Islands, particularly with regards to environmental and hereditary influences on health. - Explain ethical concerns in relation to health science research and assess ethical challenges in small societies like the Faroe Islands. - Analyse specific health problems and assess tangible data applying statistical and qualitative analyses. - Explain medical conditions specific to the Faroe Islands and research in the area. - Explain and assess national and international health research and combine results from different scientific papers on a topic of own choice in the field of health science in order to reach a conclusion.
Assessment method
Written assignment
Marking scale
Refer to the course plan
Anna Sofía Veyhe