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Symposium: Frederick Schauer – Questions and Issues

The Kári á Rógvi Institute for Law and Legal Research is honored to hold its first symposium Friday 11th of June in connection with Professor Frederick Schauer’s visit to the University of the Faroe Islands

Because of COVID-19 the public will not be able to participate on site, but the symposium will be live-streamed on our youtube channel here.

The program will consist of several presentations from members of the law and political science staff at the Faculty of History and Social Sciences.

The presenters will to varying degrees address writings of Professor Schauer or topics related to his writing. Professor Schauer will then respond, followed by a general discussion in which both presenters and other participants are welcome to join.

Moderator will be Oda Strøm, who is studying law at the University.

The program is as follows:

12.30: Brynhild Thomsen, communication coordinator: Presentation of Professor Schauer and review of the arrangement.

12.40: Professor Mikael M. Karlsson: “Right About What? A Reflection on Sanctions and Legal Obligation"

• Response by Professor Schauer
• General discussion.

13.40: Assistant professor and PhD in international Politics, Heini í Skorini: “Hate Speech and Holy Prophets: How International Hate Speech Laws Can Justify Authoritarian Censorship Norms”.

• Response by Professor Schauer
• General discussion.

14.40: Break.

14.55: Assistant professor and Program Director of Law, Bárður Larsen: “Rules vs. standards and the Corona management”.

• Response by Professor Schauer
• General discussion.

15.45: Teaching lecturer in law, Kristian Joensen: “Meaning and doctrine in the context of legal transplants”.

• Response by Professor Schauer.
• General discussion.

16:35: Mikael M. Karlsson: Concluding remarks.


Those interested in some of the theoretical background to the presentations can i.a. read the following titles listed after the name of the presenters:

Mikael M. Karlsson:
Frederick Schauer, “Was Austin Right After All? On the Role of Sanctions in a Theory of Law,” Ratio Juris, Vol. 23 No. 1 (March 2010) pp. 1-21.

Heini í Skorini:
Heini í Skorini, Free Speech, Religion and the United Nations: The Struggle to Define International Free Speech Norms, Routledge University Press, 2020
Frederick Schauer, “The Exceptional First Amendment,” in Michael Ignatieff, ed., American Exceptionalism and Human Rights, pp. 29-56, Princeton University Press, 2005.

Bárður Larsen:
Frederick Schauer, “Formalism”, The Yale Law Journal, Vol. 97, pp. 509-548, 1988.

Frederick Schauer, “Making Law with Rules and Standards”, chap. 10, pp. 188-202, in Frederick Schauer, Thinking like a Lawyer¸ Harvard University Press, 2009.

Kristian Joensen:
Kristian Joensen, “Lockstepping. A View from a Tiny North Atlantic Jurisdiction”, Rutgers University Law Review, Vol. 72, pp. 1195-1212, 2020.

Frederick Schauer, “Constructing Interpretation,” Boston University Law Review, Vol. 101, pp. 103-132, 2021.