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sjóvarfalsorku potentialinum

Verkætlanarábyrgd: Bárður Niclasen og Knud Simonsen

Mapping of the tidal stream energy potential in the Faroe Islands

Both in order to reduce the carbon dioxide emission as a contribution to combat the global warming, but also to reduce the reliance on fossil fuel,  it is necessary for the Faroes to increase the electricity generation from renewable natural resources.

Internationally, tidal current energy has been recognized as a highly predictable resource of sustainable energy with relative low environmental impact. Major technology progression and developments in recent years have now made exploitation of this natural resource commercial interesting for many sites world wide.

The relatively strong tidal currents on the Faroe Shelf are fairly well known. However, detailed mapping of the potential energy from this natural resource, including identification of potential generation sites, and investigation of the possible environmental impact due to extraction of energy from tidal stream still remains.

The main purpose of the proposed project is to initiate detailed mapping of the available technological extractable tidal stream energy on the Faroe Shelf, to identify possible sites for utilization of this natural resource and to investigate the environmental impact of extracting a given fraction of the available energy at the identified sites.

The secondary purpose of the project is the generate a new generation of high resolution and accurate tidal information data base for utilization for navigation, aquaculture and a large number of research projects related to the ecosystem on the Faroe Shelf as well to industry applications in the shipping, aquaculture and off-shore oil industries.

Further information
For further information you are welcome to contact Dr. Knud Simonsen or Dr. Bárður Niclasen.