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Ph.d.-skeið: Ecologically relevant oceanographic processes

21. august - 1. september 2023 verður spennandi ph.d.-skeið á Náttúruvísindadeildini, sum eitur "Ecologically relevant oceanographic processes in the Northeastern Atlantic". Umsóknarfreist er 29. mai 2023

Fyriskipararnir skriva m.a. soleiðis um skeiðið:

"This Advanced Course provides a thorough introduction to the oceanography of the Northeastern Atlantic, with emphasis on physical drivers of ecological processes, and focus on the waters off and on the Faroe shelf.

Through lectures, hands-on work onboard the new research vessel, R/V Jákup Sverri, and assessment of scientific literature and data, a team of ~ 13 prominent lecturers will cover key oceanographic features in the Northeastern Atlantic (e.g. thermohaline circulation, gyre circulation systems, principal atmospheric drivers, nutrient upwelling and ocean-shelf interactions) and how changes in this system impact ecologically important species from all trophic levels. After the course, you will be able to i) describe the characteristics of main biogeographical zones in the subpolar North Atlantic, ii) extract, process and analyze data from
physical oceanographic models and iii) discuss your research topic in both a climate variability (natural) and in a climate change (anthropogenic) perspective."

Skeiðslýsing: HER
Skeiðsnummar: 4105.23

Vegleiðing fyri luttakarar: HER
Hjálmar Hátún
kr. 3.000

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Umsóknarfreist: 29. mai 2023.

mánadagur 29. mai, kl 23:55
21. august - 1. september 2023
Náttúruvísindadeildin, Vestara bryggja, Tórshavn