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SACS - A Brief Overview

The Summer Academy on the Continental Shelf (SACS) is an in-depth seminar on intricate legal and technical aspects that relate to the regime of the continental shelf and its resources, tutored by leading international experts. SACS was launched in the Faroe Islands in 2014 and has on an annual basis gathered together students, researchers, diplomats, and practitioners from all continents.

The University of the Faroe Islands and the African Institute of International Law have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding according to which enhanced cooperation is being established. The first step is the organization of the Summer Academy on the Continental Shelf, which this year is being held in Arusha, Tanzania, during the period 21 to 27 August 2022.

World-leading scientific and legal experts with different professional and geographical backgrounds shall be lecturing throughout the week. The 2022 SACS is expected to host 30 participants. There is a possibility for fellowships for candidates from developing countries, which demonstrate exceptional credentials.

The participants will also be vested with a critical understanding of the regime applicable to the continental shelf, including the institutional framework governing the establishment of entitlement and the exercise of jurisdiction. Upon successful completion of 2022 SACS, the participants are expected to manifest a solid understanding of scientific and legal characteristics relating to the entitlement to the continental shelf, delimitation of overlapping entitlements and other corollary matters relating to the legal and scientific regime applicable to the continental shelf.

Any query on SACS can be addressed to:

Candidates from African countries are kindly advised to directly contact the African Institute of International Law, at: or Arusha International Conference Centre, Kilimanjaro Wing, 3rd Floor, P.O.Box 561, Arusha, Tanzania, Tel: +255 785 097 573 Website: