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Folketingets Ombudsmands inspektioner – specielt på Færøerne

English Summary
Head of department and inspections of the Danish Ombudsman, Lennart Frandsen, reports on an interesting survey of Faroese gaols and detention centres based on the inspections that the Danish Ombudsman has undertaken in the Faroe Islands. The Danish Ombudsman rather than the Faroese Ombudsman has jurisdiction as police and courts are still common policy areas under the Home Rule Compact and are administered by Danish authorities but often with Faroese staff. Interestingly, the enabling acts that the Ombudsman relies on in the Faroes are older versions of the present Danish laws. The first part of the article is on inspections of prisons and detentions in Denmark and the wider Realm. The second part is on the Faroes. The inspections occasioned a number of recommendations regarding the design and equipment of Faroese gaols with particular emphasis on work, education, and leisure activities for the inmates, and some reprimands regarding the legal administration. Overall, the conclusion was that through cooperation and dialogue the Ombudsman and the concerned authorities can improve the conditions of detainees and convicts.