Skriva út

Ljósleiðaramátingar umborð á Smyrli

Gethin Wyn Roberts granskar í løtuni í samstarvi við Technical University of Graz og Nottingham University (Kina) við hjálp av ljósleiðaratøkni avskapan (deformation) av skipum.

Hetta arbeiði fer í løtuni fram í samstarvi við Strandfaraskip Landsins og Smyril

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Fibre optic measurements on Smyril
Gethin Wyn Roberts at Fróðskaparsetur Føroya (The University of the Faroe Islands) in collaboration with the Technical University of Graz and the University of Nottingham Ningbo (China), are conducting research looking at the use of fibre optic deformation measurements on ships.  The research intends to develop techniques to be able to measure the deflections of a ship’s hull, to sub-millimetre level, as well as extract the frequencies of the movements using such sensors.  Such information could be developed to be used as a means of analysing the ship’s health and possibly detect any anomalies, as well as being able to better understand real movements of such structures for better future designs of ships.  The research collaboration was very fortunate to be allowed to gather some initial data from the Smyril. High frequency strain data of the ship's hull were recorded during the loading and unloading of the ship and while the ship was sailing on the sea. The high-resolution data are expected to provide new insights into the ship's behaviour.  Further extensive tests are expected in 2018.  This initial research is funded by the Ningbo (China) Science and Technology Bureau as part of the International Academy for the Marine Economy and Technology (IAMET) project ‘Structural Health Monitoring of Infrastructure in the Logistics Cycle (2014A35008)’.