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Qin Xin is serving on Management Committee Board of Denmark for several EU ICT projects


Qin Xin is taking charge of the following EU ICT projects under European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) as a member of Management Committee (MC) of Denmark or a MC substitute

(1) ICT COST Action TD1207: Mathematical Optimization in the Decision Support Systems for Efficient and Robust Energy Networks (serving as MC of Denmark): Energy Production and Distribution (EP&D) is among the biggest challenges of our time, since energy is a scarce resource whose efficient production and fair distribution is associated with many technical, economical, political and ethical issues like environmental protection and people health. EP&D networks have rapidly increased their size and complexity, e.g. with the introduction and interconnection of markets within the EU. Thus, there is an increasing need of systems supporting the operational, regulatory and design decisions through a highly inter-disciplinary approach, where experts of all the concerned fields contribute to the definition of appropriate mathematical models. This is particularly challenging because these models require the simultaneous use of many different mathematical optimization tools and the verification by experts of the underlying engineering and financial issues. The COST framework is instrumental for this Action to be able to coordinate the inter-disciplinary efforts of scientists and industrial players at the EU level.

(2) IC1004 COST Action on Cooperative Radio Communications for Green Smart Environments (serving as MC substitute of Denmark): Smart Environments (SEs), like the human body, energy efficient buildings, vehicular or urban environments, are populated by many devices connected by wireless networks. The radio channel is central to SEs, as it impacts the design of transmission techniques and communication protocols. Radio communications in SEs need to be green and based on cooperative paradigms to mitigate the effect of interference and improve efficiency. This project addresses research issues in the field of cooperative radio communications to make our society cleaner, safer, and more energy efficient. The main goal of the Action is to increase knowledge of cooperative communications applied to Green SEs (GSEs), by exploring and developing new methods, models, techniques, strategies and tools, in a context enriched by deep industry-academia links. 

(3) ICT COST Action IC1101 on Optical Wireless Communications (serving as MC of Denmark): Wireless transmission via optical carriers opens doors of opportunity in areas as yet largely unexplored. Offering significant technical and operational advantages, optical wireless communication (OWC) can be, in some applications, a powerful alternative to and, in others, complementary to existing radio frequency (RF) wireless systems. Variations of OWC can be employed in a diverse range of communication applications ranging from very short-range (on the order of millimetres) optical interconnects within integrated circuits through outdoor inter-building links (on the order of kilometres) to satellite links (larger than 10,000 kilometres). In many respects, OWC research is still in its infancy and calls for extensive research to begin to harness the enormous potential of the optical spectrum. This COST Action will serve as a high-profile consolidated European scientific platform for interdisciplinary OWC research activities, spanning from characterization of diverse propagation media to modeling, design and development of devices, components, algorithms/protocols and systems. It will make significant contributions to the fundamental scientific understanding, technical knowledge, engineering design and applications while promoting community awareness of this emerging field. Development of novel and efficient communication technologies resulting from integrated research activities made possible through this Action will be a significant enabler for future-generation heterogeneous communication networks supporting a wide range of wireless services/applications.

(4) ICT COST Action IC0906 on Wireless Networking for Moving Objects (serving as MC substitute of Denmark): The main objective of this Action is to advance the state-of-the-art concerning networking aspects of scenarios integrating moving objects of the most varied kinds, ranging from personal use devices to sensors, into the Internet of the Future. In particular, the Action will coordinate the development of new algorithms, techniques, protocols models and tools that will facilitate the integration of moving objects into pervasive and ambient communications. The Internet of the Future will incorporate a large number of autonomous wireless objects moving with diverse patterns and speeds while communicating via several radio interfaces. Examples of such objects may include humans, cars or unmanned aerial vehicles, with every object acting as a networking device generating, relaying and/or absorbing data. Achieving the Internet of the Future, will require global interoperability amongst objects/devices, not typically common place due to inherent features of today’s Internet. To overcome the current shortcomings, a number of research challenges have to be addressed in the area of networking, including protocol engineering, development of applications and services, as well as realistic use-cases. The Action will increase the knowledge and coordinate research efforts of national and international projects in the area of Wireless Networking for Moving Objects (WiNeMO). Its activity will foster wide dissemination of research results, serving as an internationally recognized reference point through capacity building of WiNeMO stakeholders offering appropriate networking opportunities to early-stage researchers. The results will be also demonstrated through joint living labs and show cases for researchers, decision makers and public exhibitions.

(5) Qin Xin is also serving as the contact person for Faroe Islands for EU ICT projects: ICT COST Actions TD1207, IC1004, IC1101, IC0906, and IC0902 (Cognitive Radio and Networking for Cooperative Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks)

You are welcome to discuss the related research issues to email: qinx(at)setur.fo

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